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Amazing Work!

As part of their Learning Objective,  "To identify problems in the world that concern me and to talk to other people about them", Year 6 children created some fantastic pieces of work.  We wanted to share one with you that made a real impact on everyone who read it:

My Dream for the World


My dream for the world

is probably an impossible one.

I don’t want to correct mistakes already done

but to correct the ones to come.

My dream for the world

is for all to be safe and joyful.

I wish for no one to be lonely

and all to be off the streets.

My dream for the world

is that everyone will be treated equally

And all to have the education they deserve.

I want rich and poor to be treated fairly

and get what they both deserve.

My dream for the world is

that if anyone has a dream they get it.


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