Mission, Vision and Values


Our Shared Mission

To challenge educational and social inequality through the power of education

Our Shared Vision

All children, all backgrounds, all succeeding

Our Core Values

Core Values

Our values of Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity and Resilience underpin everything that we do in school. It is our belief that that all young people can succeed if they have access to exceptional education in an empathetic, supportive environment. It is our ambition to provide this for all pupils in our schools.

The primary aim of The Kingfisher School is to ensure that all members of our school community develop a deep and sustained passion for learning, alongside the academic and character skills necessary to achieve their ambitions and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life as global citizens.

Our core values are Respect; Responsibility; Curiosity; and Resilience.


We will show respect for ourselves and for each other. We will respect and appreciate the diversity that makes each of us unique.


We are responsible and accountable for our own actions and as such we will act with honesty and integrity at all times.


We are curious and inquisitive learners who seek diverse perspectives to inform our views.


We will persevere and be adaptable, embracing the opportunities that challenges present.